Together with Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we are happy to announce that the new Build to Scale programme will take place in the iconic Rotterdam Science Tower. Beginning on September 6th 2022, this 12-week programme offers a dynamic learning experience with peer learning interactions, exercises, mentoring, masterclasses, and interactive modules.

The programme tackles challenges on the road to successfully scaling up. This is done based on a decade of unique, scientific research and proven methods for entrepreneurs to excel and sustain steep growth paths.  In three modules, you will learn how to maximize your core, reorganize to scale, and create a winning team. The programme addresses topics ranging from the scarcity of fit for purpose leaders and accessing new markets to maintain momentum, to initiating a collective growth ambition in an expanding company. The sessions within the programme are facilitated by RSM’s professors in partnership with field experts from industry-leading organizations like Rabobank, KPMG, WeGrow and Deloitte.

Kadans Science Partner will also offer a workshop during the programme. During this workshop, we will help participants with all the important matters surrounding accommodation options of growing companies. Moreover, due to our partnership with ECE, our tenants and partners are able to get a special discount offer for the whole programme.

The Build to Scale programme provides a perfect guide for anyone that wants to learn about growing their company to the next stage of its future. If you want more information about the programme, please contact Ecosystem Manager Elise Verschoor.

For our other partners and their benefits, visit our partner page.