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Efficient and flexible options for start-ups and growing innovative businesses


An inspiring place for entrepeneurs that want to build a strong community together with Kadans Science Partner.

Inspiring meetings

Plus Ultra II stimulates meetings, cooperation and knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs active in the life sciences and health. Read more


Tailor-made facilities for every business. Spaces are easy to divide and laboratories are tailor-made with support of Kadans Science Partner.

Unique expertise

Laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants in combination with offices. Because of their expertise and experience, Kadans Science Partner can help any business with designing their perfect research spaces.

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Unique location

Uniquely visible location at the entrance of Leiden Bio Science Park, the new center and beating heart of the park.

Leiden Bio Science Park

The place for start-ups, businesses and research institutes in the fields of life sciences and health. Near a central plaza, catering facilities and space for living and leisure.

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Plus Ultra Leiden offers companies the chance to grow at a prominently visible location at Leiden Bio Science Park. The community revolves around life sciences and health and the building is the central meeting point for companies and organizations at the science park. Plus Ultra will bring together a large group of entrepreneurial companies, starters and knowledge organizations. A building with a lively center in the entrance area of Leiden Bio Science Park. The shared facilities contribute to stimulation of meetings between the various tenants.



The building offers a high level of flexibility.  Apart from the fixed corridor around the atrium, the floors can be freely divided. Each floor is available for both offices and laboratories. The building is meant to be the central meeting point for companies and organizations at Leiden Bio Science Park. The main entrance is located at the first floor. Visitors enter the building and register at the reception desk. The atrium offers space for lunch, flex work, meetings and celebration of successes. There is a restaurant and coffee bar as well as meeting facilities. The ground floor offers 72 parking spots for cars as well as 318 spots for bicycles. A section is saved for electric vehicles. Showers and changing rooms are provided for  cycling colleagues.

The generic structure of the building makes it so it fits with the urban design. The plots next to Plus Ultra can be easily fitted to this structure, creating one large entity along the Kop van Leeuwenhoek.

Plus Ultra Leiden: more than just accommodation

On top of the tailor-made accommodation, Kadans offers various ecosystem services. These services are provided in addition to regular property and technical services. By offering these ecosystem services Kadans optimizes the success of your organization.

Some examples of our ecosystem services are:

  • Access to an extensive network of innovative commercial businesses and renowned knowledge & research institutions on many science parks and campuses throughout Europe
  • Access to network organizations within the life sciences and health sector
  •  Access to trade missions
  • Access to network meetings for the life sciences and health sector
  • Access to community meetings at the campus
  •  Access to career events
  • Access to shared lab equipment
  • Access to lab instruments
  •  Access to multiple business services, like intellectual property services, legal services, human resource services and marketing & communication services
  • Access to incubator and accelerator programs
  • Access to capital
  • Access to meeting facilities

    Access to office and laboratory design and development support


The building is being developed with high sustainability ambitions. This ambition is translated to practical and meaningful measures. A PV-panel roof provides the building with electrical energy and heating and cooling are regulated through heat pumps, which makes a gas connection unnecessary. In addition, the flexibility of the building contributes to the circular principles and durability. With the sustainability measures that are taken, the aim is to achieve BREEAM-NL Excellent certification.

Live view of the construction

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Leiden Bio Science Park

Leiden Bio Science Park is the largest knowledge cluster in the Netherlands in the field of life sciences & health and is also well regarded internationally. The science park is home to 180 companies and institutions and is growing rapidly. Currently 18,000 people are employed, expected to grow to 27,000 by 2025. Leiden Bio Science Park is home to education at various levels. Leiden University, for example, has various faculties there, but Leiden University of Applied Sciences and MBO Rijnland are also present. In addition, the LUMC University Hospital is located here and so are various biotech companies such as Galapagos and Johnson & Johnson.

The multi-tenant building Plus Ultra will be realized at the Kop van Leeuwenhoek. This is in the entrance area of the park. The area will be the new center of the park. There will be a central square, catering facilities and place for living and leisure. The accommodation will focus on users of the park such as expats, PhD candidates, professors and conference visitors. Furthermore, the entrance area will be provided with a spacious parking garage for visitors to the park. Plus Ultra employees can also rent additional parking spaces here.

The Leiden Bio Science Park, and therefore Plus Ultra, is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Leiden Central Station is located next to the park and there are various bus stops throughout the park. Furthermore, the park is located next to the A44 highway from Nieuw-Vennep to The Hague.

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