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The importance of a community

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Bringing the Kadans Community together to share experiences about innovation and collaboration

If we’ve learned anything from the past lockdowns, it is that communities of trusted colleagues, experts and partners are essential to ensure and stimulate a productive and healthy work environment. Scientific communities, in particular, form an indispensable part of research and innovation everywhere.

In our whitepaper the importance of a community you will discover why a community among scientists and entrepreneurs is so important and how such a community can enable innovation and collaborative thinking. We delve into the question as to why working in a community is essential to develop and improve science.

This free whitepaper covers:

  • Three key reasons why a community is of vital importance for scientists and

  • Four areas of impact that communities have in order to enable scientific
    innovation and collaborative thinking

  • Three ways in which a community can help to develop and improve science
  • Three trends for the shape of future communities

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