Iconic multi-tenant building for Life Sciences


Life Sciences community on Utrecht Science Park

Life Sciences

Accelerator offers tailor-made spaces and laboratories to stimulate cooperation between Life Science companies.


An inspiring place where we can work together on improving lives of patients by innovative developments.

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The new multi-tenant building fulfills the connecting role for companies and people on Utrecht Science Park.

Inspiring meetings

Accelerator invites you in. With its many multi functional facilities, the building offers space for meetings and collaborations.

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Unique location

A new chapter in the development of the innovative ecosystem of Utrecht Science Park.

Utrecht Science Park

Accelerator has a prominent spot at the entrance of Utrecht Science Park.

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Accelerator is a new multi-tenant building for Life Sciences. In addition to accommodating large biotechnology companies, Accelerator offers space to start-ups and scale-ups that want to accelerate their development. The design is based on the vision of listed biotechnology companies Genmab and Merus: improving lives of patients by developing innovative therapies for cancer treatment, partly by entering into valuable collaborations. Accelerator endorses this ambition by creating a unique hub within the innovation ecosystem. The building offers an auditorium, various ‚meet & greet‘ facilities, a conference center and extensive restaurant, providing many opportunities for meetings.

Accelerator offers Utrecht Science Park a welcome addition to accommodate more innovative companies in the Life Sciences sector. The building will be developed aiming for high sustainability requirements, BREEAM Excellent, and will have a prominent place at the entrance of Utrecht Science Park.



Accelerator invites you in. Upon entering you may note there is no traditional reception desk, but rather an open and multi functional zone. The ground floor offers a pleasant area where employees, students and visitors can have meetings, food, drinks and organize activities. Accelerator offers space for meetings and collaborations in the auditorium, meeting rooms and extensive restaurant. Everything can be found within the lively plinth of the building. The functions on the ground floor are connected to a spectacular atrium with which the general traffic areas and meeting spaces are connected, resulting in a lively environment with meeting occurring naturally.

Additionally, Accelerator offers a lot of flexibility. To stimulate cooperation within the companies, the floors are completely free to be designed and divided in a way that suits the tenant. Offices and laboratories of various sizes can be realized in many different positions, resulting in comfortable work places.


The building is being designed with a high ambition for sustainability. This ambition is translated to practical and meaningful measures to add value to the building. A solar panel roof will provide electrical power and heating and cooling are provided by heat pumps, meaning there is no longer a need for gas. Flexibility and adaptability are also incorporated in the circulair ambition of Accelerator. Accelerator will be a future-proof building and a tangible translation of the ambition of Utrecht Science Park.

Sustainability measures

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Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park is the largest concentration of knowledge-intensive institutions and companies in the Netherlands. The campus is located on the east side of Utrecht and is over 300 hectares. Over 105 national and international organizations and companies located on Utrecht Science Park. Utrecht Science Park is focused on a healthy and sustainable society and Utrecht is the most competitive region in Europe when it comes to Life Sciences & Health and Sustainability. Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht are linked to Utrecht Science Park as knowledge institutions and so are various companies, such as Genmab, TNO and Nutricia Danone, resulting in high potential for the economy of both Utrecht as well as the Netherlands.

Utrecht Science Park has the highest concentration of knowledge institutes in a small area. Over 26,000 employees and almost 51,000 students are active on campus on a daily basis. The short distance to expertise and knowledge and the presence of talent is what makes Utrecht Science Park highly in demand with knowledge-intensive companies.

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