Looking for extra services on top of our tailor made accommodation?

Ecosystem Services

Kadans Science Partner optimizes the success of tenants through the creation of an environment that fulfills their core needs. We do this by offering so called ecosystem services on top of our real estate solutions. These services are provided by organizations from our partner network on local, regional, national and international level.

Access to scientific and research institutes

Kadans offers its tenants and partners access to a wide network of innovative companies, research institutes and service providers throughout Europe.

Kadans’ network consists of both organizations that are accommodated in our buildings, as well as other innovative organizations at campuses and science parks outside our buildings.

Map of Kadans locations and internatonal ecosystems

Access to commercial businesses

Connect with other commercial businesses within the same sector or other knowledge-instensive sectors.

Access to network and governmental organizations

As a tenant or partner of Kadans you’ll enjoy easy access to multiple network organizations, like industry organizations and interest groups (i.e. HollandBIO and High Tech NL).

International business coaching

As a tenant of Kadans you’ll have access to partners which a happy to assist you with internationalizing your business. You’ll enjoy easy access to international trade missions and coaching and courses about going abroad.

Promotional opportunities

We offer you a platform to show your organization, core business and innovations to others within the network. Connect and get access to many collaboration opportunities.

Campus community

You have access to an active community, not only within your building, but on the whole campus. We organize various events, from community drinks and the Kadans Summer & Winter Events, to business events where you meet other entrepreneurs, specialists and scientists organized on campus level, in cooperation with local an regonal stakeholders.

Kadans also organizes business events at national and international level to stimulate cross locational and cross sectional knowledge exchange.

Students, PhD’s and graduates

On campus you are in near vicinity of students, PhD researchers and university graduates. Various events and services provide you access to people and knowledge.

Vitality & leisure services

As a campus member you will have access to various vitality and leisure services, such as sports acitivities and vitality coaching.

Lab instruments & shared lab facilities

As a tenant of Kadans you will have access to a Kadans owned shared lab facility or such a facility elsewhere at the campuses where Kadans is operating.

Furthermore, tenants of Kadans could benefit from access to thousands of scientific instruments on demand supplied by the online platform of Clustermarket, a partner of Kadans.

Lab design and development support

Kadans can help you with the fit-out of your lab. We create tailor-made spaces and find partners to help put together the perfect space to meet your needs.

Access to funding

Looking for extra funding for your organization? Kadans gives its tenants access to a wide network of investors.

Incubator and accelerator programs

Are you looking for an incubator or accelerator program to bring your business to the next level? Tenants of Kadans have access to multiple incubator and accelerator programs such as Rockstart and StartLife.

Meeting facilities

As a tenants of Kadans you may use all meeting facilities, like meetings rooms and auditoriums, at all buildings of Kadans throughout Europe. Booking a meeting facility is very easy with the online booking software we offer to our tenants.

Business services

Kadans offers its tenants access to various regular and knowledge intensive business services, such as:

  • Intellectual property services
  • Legal services
  • Tax services
  • International business services
  • Strategic consultancy services
  • Quality control services
  • Marketing & communication services

Please contact us to get an complete overview of all business services we offer to our tenants.

Access to subsidies / grants

Kadans provides its tenants a network of subsidy advisory services.