New inspiring work environment in the heart of the Food Valley


Efficient and flexible options for start-ups and growing innovative businesses


An inspiring place for entrepeneurs that want to build a strong community together with Kadans Science Partner and Wageningen UR.

Inspiring meetings

Plus Ultra II stimulates meetings, cooperation and knowledge sharing between entrepeneurs that are actively working on theme’s like nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and health. Read more Read more


Tailor-made facilities for every business. Spaces are easy to divide and laboratories are tailor-made with support of Kadans Science Partner.

Unique expertise

Laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants in combination with offices. Because of their expertise and experience, Kadans Science Partner can help any business with designing their perfect research spaces. Read more Lees meer

Unique location

Unique location on the campus of Wageningen University & Research, in a green environment in the heart of the Food Valley region.

Campus in the Food Valley

The place for start-ups, businesses and research institutes in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and health. Centrally located in the country and well accessible.

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Plus Ultra II offers businesses the chance to grow in the heart of Wageningen Campus. Plus Ultra II offers approximately 10,500 m2 space for sustainable business activities on the business strip of this unique ecosystem of agriculture, nutrition, health and sustainability. Plus Ultra II will bring together a large group of businesses, startups and student-challenges. The place for this community will contribute to knowledge sharing, synergy and communication. A building with a beating heart and in the middle of Wageningen Campus.

Plus Ultra II will be a flexible and transparent building, which will be connected to Plus Utlra through a physical connection. The central staircase with all shared facilities contributes to stimulation of meetings between the various tenants.



Plus Ultra facilitates research on the topics of nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and health. Every business is free to divide their research space to their liking. Plus Ultra II offers space for open and closed offices, various laboratories, pilot plants and other reasearch spaces. In addition, shared facilities are offered, like meeting rooms, informal seating areas, sanitary facilities and coffee facilities. Therefor all facilities are available for both starting as well as growing innovative businesses, organizations and institutions.


From the moment the first plans were made for Plus Ultra II, the theme ’sustainability‘ has always played a prominent role. According to the guidelines of the BREEAM system, Plus Ultra II has been designed with this theme in mind from the very start. BREEAM is a way of designing, realizing and using buildings in which all aspects of a design, realization and exploitation period of a development are given attention. The building meets very high requirements of sustainability. For example, we provide solar panels and good insulation, which greatly reduces energy consumption and does not use fossil fuels for the primary facilities.

Follow the construction live

De live webcam is no longer available. Watch the timelapse of the construction below!

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Wageningen Campus

Wageningen University & Research has approximately 6,500 employees and over 12,000 students and focuses on knowledge valorization within the triple helix. This cooperation between government, businesses and knowledge institutions will strenghten with the development of Plus Ultra II and will further develop Wageningen Campus and the business climate. On Campus, Wageningen UR offers studies in the fields of food and environment and focuses on various core themes: ‚Health, Lifestyle & Livelihood‘. Wageningen Campus offers various facilities and resources. Business and organizations can use the outstanding research facilities of WUR and other businesses on Wageningen Campus. Additionally, there are an Expat center, plenty of meeting spaces, an appealing programming, various catering options and a large offering of sports facilities and stores.

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