Want to know more about the fit-out process?

Johan van Gerven
M: +316 53582847 E:

Want to know more about the fit-out process?

Johan van Gerven
M: +316 53582847 E:

Johan van Gerven M: +316 53582847 E:

Flexibility and a tailor-made space is important to Kadans Science Partner. In order to create the optimal working environment with our tenants, Kadans is happy to assist all of our tenants across our portfolio during the fit-out process.


All floors in buildings developed by Kadans are delivered as shells or Cat A. This means that the structural framework, some central facilities and the technical installations for heating and ventilation, among other things, are already in place. The floors are still free of columns. This means that as a tenant you can decide for yourself where you want office space and where you want lab space.


During the fit-out process, we look at the user-related layout of a space. This includes technical facilities and other user-related adjustments. Kadans will be happy to help you work out the fit-out. During the fit-out process Kadans offers various workshops to support the tenant in arranging their space in the best possible way.


The fit-out process is an intensive process based on workshops. The focus is on the main points. The process results in a tailor-made layout with technical facilities and pricing.

During the first workshop, the preferred layout is examined. We look at the space and what dimensions it has, at the number of people who will be working in the office and the lab space, and an indicative layout is made.

During workshop 2, the layout is central. The spatial layout and design are fine-tuned. We also look at the technical connections, numbers and capacities.

During the last workshop, the final adjustments are discussed, and the layout and facilities are finalised.


After the fit-out, a layout with interior becomes available. In this phase, the focus is on details, and many variations are possible. The tenant receives an indication of fixed and loose furnishings, including office and laboratory furniture.




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