Knowledge of business

While the design and functionality of our buildings are critical, Kadans also understands the importance of ongoing human support.
From our architects to our maintenance teams, we employ only the best. Every member of our team is dedicated to helping our tenants achieve their business goals.

We take care of the maintenance and management of the facilities so that our tenants can concentrate on running their businesses. We do this with our own staff, at each location.


On all our campuses, tenants can enjoy catering provided by one of our preferred suppliers. Here, our tenants and visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee, a quick snack or their lunch.

Own staff

Kadans has its own team at each location that supports the tenants. Our commercial managers are responsible for leasing and ensuring that our tenants always have a suitable working environment.

Our technical managers are responsible for the technical condition of our buildings and installations.

Our facility managers are the point of contact for daily questions, wishes, requests and inconveniences.

Our community managers focus on connecting the local Kadans community.


Buildings developed by Kadans experience a high degree of flexibility. All floors can be partitioned freely and are free of columns. This means that the floors can be flexibly divided with a combination of lab space and offices. The floors are delivered as shell+.

Kadans is happy to help its new tenants with the further development of the fit-out. A fit-out process has been set up to help with this. Together with the tenant, we look at what is needed to organise the space in the best possible way.