Looking for a multifunctional research facility?

Multifunctional R&D facility

Knowledge-intensive businesses and organisations geared to innovation attach a great deal of value to flexibility in research facilities. They must be multi-functional.

Kadans Science Partner is a specialist in providing accommodation with multi-functional research facilities for the R&D departments of companies, knowledge institutes and knowledge-intensive businesses in innovative sectors, such as Food, Life Sciences, Health, Living Environment, Biobased and High-Tech Semicon.

Multi-functional research facilities are developed, built, facilitated, financed, let and managed by Kadans Science Partner. But we can, of course, also build your office space, cleanroom, pilot plant, laboratory, tech hall or climate-controlled space.

For small businesses or startups, we can fit out a tailor-made multi-functional research facility in one of our multi-tenant science buildings or incubators, which are often located near universities and other knowledge institutes.

Kadans Science Partner is completely familiar with the specific needs made by knowledge-intensive and innovative organisations of multi-functional research facilities and can translate these into high quality and durable facilities, with optimal layouts, flexibility and efficiency.

Looking for a multi-functional research facility? Contact us to arrange an informal consultation.

Gebouw A op Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen biedt kennisintensieve bedrijven en instellingen, alsmede Startups, kantoorruimte, gezamenlijke vergaderruimtes, en gedeelde of eigen R&D faciliteiten op maat, zoals laboratoria, cleanrooms, pilotplants en multifunctionele onderzoeksruimten.