CCG Testing & Certification

CCG offers services regarding compulsory Chinese regulation and product certification as well as engineering consultancy. CCG is the first Chinese CQC accredited test lab with an office in Europe and can provide CCC, CEL and CFDA testing for European customers and is accredited to deliver multiple other international certifications. The company is a European representative office of CHEARI (Beijing) Certification & Testing Co. Ltd. CHEARI is also known as CTIHEA-The China Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electric Appliances. It is one of the biggest CBTL and CCC test labs in China and falls directly under the Chinese certification body CQC.

CCG offers consultancy services connected with Chinese regulation and product certification as well as engineering  for all manufacturers, such as household, luminaires, IT/AV, Telecommunication and Medicacal devices.

Bezoek de website van CCG voor meer informatie.

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