Want to know more about available laboratories in Utrecht?

Rob van Overbeek

M: +31 646067411 E:
Rob van Overbeek M: +31 646067411 E:

Want to know more about available laboratories in Utrecht?

Rob van Overbeek

M: +31 (0)6 46067411 E:

Knowledge and experience with laboratories

Knowledge-intensive organisations need more than a standard workspace. Their needs are unique.

From laboratories and clean rooms to research facilities and climate-controlled spaces, our experience lies in designing, constructing and managing buildings for the scientific community.

We design and build inspiring buildings occupied by inspiring people.

Facts & Figures

42.000 m² R&D ruimtes

10+ jaar ervaring ontwikkeling R&D ruimtes

40+ gebouwen met R&D ruimtes

Utrecht Science Park

The Utrecht Science Park is home to the largest concentration of knowledge-intensive institutions and organisations in the Netherlands. With 130+ organisations on over 300 hectares of land, the park has the highest density of knowledge institutions in a small area. In addition to business activity, there is also room for education, with more than 51000 students attending classes daily at Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Onderwijs, onderzoek en ondermerschap op één plek

Utrecht Science Park offers a dynamic place where business, industry and academia can work together to create healthier, safer and more sustainable cities for this and future generations. The park’s focus here is on topics within Life Sciences & Health and Sustainability.


We work with you to see how you can best arrange the flexible spaces. We call this process the fit-out. During the fit-out process, we look at the user-related layout of a space. This includes technical facilities and other user-related adjustments. Kadans is happy to look at the fit-out with you. Kadans offers various workshops to support tenants in arranging their space as optimally as possible. Want to know more about this process? Click here or contact us.

Extra services for your laboratory

On top of customized laboratory housing, Kadans offers several additional services: ecosystem services. These services are offered on top of the normal property management and technical services of our buildings. By providing these additional ecosystem services, Kadans optimizes the success of your organisation.

Types of laboratories

A standard workspace is no longer sufficient for many
organisations, especially in the life science sector,
who seek a place that meets technical
requirements. Kadans develops laboratories for various specialties.

Want to rent a lab in a multi-tenant building on a campus or science park?

For both small and large companies and organisations, we have multi-tenant buildings in close proximity to universities or other knowledge institutions, on campuses and science parks. In many of these locations below, we have space available to set up a laboratory space for you too!


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