Save the Date: How Covid-19 Pandemic boosts innovation and new business
(From Molecule to Business Event)

Event information
Date:    Thursday September 24
Time:   14:00 – 16:00
Where: Hybrid event (onsite at NTC Nijmegen & online) or Online only

It is widely known that the recent Covid-pandemic causes a lot of challenges to our society and how it affects Health, healthcare and business. Many entrepreneurs struggle to stay afloat.

On the other hand we see it also results in many new initiatives in the Life Sciences & Health sector. This pandemic boosts collaboration in the public-private domain and in open innovation. And these opportunities might lead to important new possibilities for cure, care and prevention. Not only for Covid-19 but also for other infectious diseases.

Every year, Health Valley, Pivot Park and SMB organize the From Molecule to Business event. During this year’s event they want to share inspiring examples on new (Covid-19) projects that have been initiated in the Oss-Nijmegen region, and to discuss the learnings from these in an expert panel discussion.

Confirmed names are: Prothini/PanCoreNed, HCM Medical, Mecurna en InnateOss. They will finalize the programme after the Summer Holidays and will update you again.

They strive to organize a hybrid event (both online and onsite) if the RIVM guidelines will allow this. Or online only if needed.