The Japanese specialist in agricultural and construction machinery, Kubota, recently opened a European Innovation Center satellite office at Wageningen Campus in the brand new Plus Ultra-II building. A logical step, according to Peter van der Vlugt, General Manager of the Kubota Innovation Center Europe: “We believe open innovation in smart agriculture will be key to solving global issues.”

Kubota develops and manufactures a broad portfolio of innovative equipment for the agriculture sector: from tractors and tillage equipment to harvesters and robotics, for both wet and dry farming, at all scales. Since the early 2000s, via its daughter company the Kverneland Group, a long-standing, collaborative relationship with Wageningen University & Research has been in place. Today, Kubota is closely involved with Wageningen University & Research in several Dutch Topsector (key areas for innovation in the Netherlands) and European research projects. “We aim to strengthen this collaboration and participate in even more partnerships, with scientists, but also with young and innovative entrepreneurs,” says Van der Vlugt

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