Tuesday August 31 marked the start of a new era for the Rotterdam Science Tower. Many residents and partners of the tower and Kadans Science Partner came together to celebrate the official (re)opening. A festive moment marked by the key transfer from Alderman Roos Vermeij to Kadans CEO Michel Leemhuis.

Compliant with the current COVID-19 regulations, a celebration was organized in the renewed restaurant of the Rotterdam Science Tower. A panel session invited Michel Leemhuis (CEO Kadans Science Partner), Roos Vermeij (Alderman Economy, neighbourhoods and small cores Municipality Rotterdam), Martin Luxemburg (Managing director Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship), Isabelle Vries, (General Manager Rotterdam Makers District), Carola Immerzeel-Goosens (Manager Erasmus MC Incubator) and Katrien Reynders-Frederix (CEO PanCancer-T) to share their views on the importance of the Rotterdam Science Tower for innovation in Rotterdam and beyond.

Leemhuis elaborated on Kadans’ choice of the Rottedam Science Tower: “Rotterdam is an economic and scientifically strong city. There are many knowledge institutes, two of them are close-by and tenants from the Rotterdam Science Tower have a good relationship with both the Erasmus MC and Erasmus University. So therefore we believe this is a great addition to our innovative network.”

Alderman Vermeij shared the view of Rotterdam Science Tower as an important member within innovation ecosystems. “Rotterdam invests heavily in innovative ecosystems and the Rotterdam Science Tower is going to be one of the strongholds,” she said. “We must stay focused on that there are places were innovative ecosystems can develop, where companies can work and grow, so I am really happy that Kadans is here in this Tower.”

Luxemburg stressed that they themselves are present in the tower and that they are looking forward to the next steps. “We are confident that together with Kadans, and also our other partners, we can make this the hot spot for innovation in the city”

Leemhuis shared that practical steps include improving the quality of the various floors and increasing lab space. Also measures will be taken to increase the sustainability of the building. Additionally, Kadans will focus on bringing in the right new tenants and stimulating the local ecosystem with various activities to create a successful environment for all tenants.

  • Officiele opening Rotterdam Science Tower
  • Officiele opening Rotterdam Science Tower
  • Officiele opening Rotterdam Science Tower

Kadans Science Partner acquired the Rotterdam Science Tower last June. The building was developed in 1975 and redeveloped in 2012 into the multifunctional office and laboratory building it is known for today. In recent years the tower has become an international landing place for innovation and entrepreneurship. Various knowledge-intensive companies and institutes are currently active in the tower, such as ViroClinincs, the Erasmus MC incubator and the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. A great next step for Kadans to grow into an international ecosystem of science parks.