Vitality Helpdesk Adaptics

Right now, because of the coronacrisis, your employees must adapt to work from home or deliver extra work. As a result, there is additional demand of the mental toughness and flexibility of the employees. Also the HR department is under increasing pressure. This all affects the vitality of your employees. How does your organization deal with this?

And is your organization still able to pay attention to the sustainable employability of the employees during this coronacrisis?

As an expert in the field of prevention, Adaptics has set up a Helpdesk especially for this corona period. Here, employees can ask questions about, for example, the fear about the corona-situation, working from home (with or without children) or maintaining a vital work-life balance. The Helpdesk will lend an ear and help employees on their way to a suitable solution.

Do you want to support your organization and its employees in their vitality during this period?

Please contact Joske Duifhuizen (, 06 – 151 26 124) to discuss the possibilities.